Citrus Heights Fellowship

  The Church on Mariposa!


Every Tuesday Night 6:30-8:30pm

Fireside Room

The Junk Yard is a place where a young person can bring all the garbage that the world throws at them and leave it at the feet of Jesus and walk away with something better - HOPE. 
Life can be difficult as a young person. The world is not a safe place as it used to be. Families are torn apart, friends are unreliable, your own body betrays you with all the emotions it throws at you. The Junk Yard is a place where you are welcomed as you are and find others who are walking the same journey, but mostly where you can get to know God in a real, relevant, fun, and personal way. The Junk Yard is where the great exchange can happen, where God can turn ashes into beauty.

Youth Ministries

Contact Pastor Miranda for more details!